Sunday, May 24, 2009

21 and single.. ever since.

It's true. I'm single, I cant say I'm happy nor can I say that im not satisfied. That's because I've never known what's it like to not be single. it's just so weird that people make a big fuss out of it. Minsan kinekwestyon pa nila ang gender preference ko--

Tomboy ka ba?

Toot. Nakakfrustrate. Sa una sasabihin nila "Imposible! sa ganda mong yan?" (nagbubuhat na ng bangko). Sa huli, binibigyan na nila ako ng unsolicited advice tulad ng dapat daw open ako at baka daw masyadong mataas ang standards, at kung sino dapat ang pipiliin ko. Maybe Im a little picky. Pero in making choices kahit na ka-date lang, you have to make the best choice. Hindi yung pipili ka lang just to try it kundi pipili ka because you mean it. Kaya i'd just like to repeat -- your advice is unsolicited.

My point: I am perfectly content with just myself right now. Being single doesnt mean i'm lonely.
Walang hang-ups ang pagiging single. Nagtataka nga ako sa mga friends ko na tinatakasan lang ang mga magulang pag may gimik pero kailangan pa magpaalam sa boyfriend. Bakit? Bakit??

Pakiramdam ko, hindi pa talaga ako handa sa mga commitments ng isang relationship. Nageenjoy ako pag nakakaalis mag isa (sure ka ba,ate?). Na wala munang masyadong inaaalala kundi ang pamilya ko at career na hindi ko pa masyadong ma-handle. I know that there's so much that's happening right now and I feel that if I do enter in a relationship, it would be a affected if not baka maging disaster pa.

Teka why am I even explaining? Para tuloy naging official statement 'to.

Anyway, in my mylot page, i made a question similar to this (im 21 and single ever since.. is that odd?) I loved the responses that those lovely mylotters gave me.

"No, it's not strange and don't let anyone make you feel that
you need to be in a relationship in order to be happy. You're still young,
you still have things to do and you're still growing and changing. " -spalladino
"The fact that you didn't have a boyfriend till now only means that
you value yourself so much that when you found the 'one', you want him to be
the 'only one'. Don't think about it so much. Love will find you for sure." - anneshirley
" Having a relationship is not a requirement for being a complete
being. This is not strange as we have our own preference, and we opt to
follow our paths. You are only 21! That is a relatively young age... so, no
rush. Learn from other people and build a meaningful relationship with
minimal errors and hurt."
- TheManager24
Just sharing. What do you feel about this?

Monday, May 18, 2009


My student and I were talking about a situation that she felt bad about.

My student says "my 2 kids are becoming fat. I feel bad that they had UTI and I didn't bring them to the doctor. They became bloated."

"They dont look cute anymore because they are 4 years old, they are big." , she adds.

I said, "I think 4 year olds look cute." while picturing the kids in my neighborhood.

She says "They dont even have exercise, they just walk around the house"

In my mind I say, what kind of kids dont go out and just stay inside a house all the time. And so I replied to her, "What do they do inside your house, do they play video games?"

Then she gave me the most puzzled look of the year. Apparently we weren't talking about her kids but her cats. (Meow!) Well, she pronounced it as KEDS.

Sorry, my bad.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Gift Ideas- Towel Wraps, Nap Mats, and Plates

Posylane released a new set of gift ideas for kids from both Lipstick Shades and Oh Mint.

Since it's summer, I'm sure kids will love to go camping. And a good and practical thing to buy are these kids nap mats that are space-efficient and has great designs that kids would love to bring anywhere.


Next, look at how adorable these monogrammed towel wraps are. They can be personalized to add the names of the new gift owners. And the fabric looks soft and I'd love to use them after a shower . They come in cute colors too.
The last gift idea is from Lipstick Shades. These personalized children's plates and placemats and are great for children who love colorful gifts. It's useful too. You can also use them to learn some words through the picture designs.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

suggest a game! im desperate.

Me and my church mates were brainstorming for the upcoming sportsfest that we were going to organize in our area. We were so giddy that time ( i dont know why)..

of course aside from the usual basketball, volleyball, and water volleyball games, here were some unique suggestions:

1 Tug of war with flour

2 Tiyakad with beads

3 Pakwan relay:
...Dalhin ang melon sa finish line gamit lang ang pisngi ng lima mo pang kagrupo

4 Swat that butt cracker challenge:
..isabit ang skyflakes sa bandang pwet at magpaluan gamit ang nirolyong dyaryo. Panalo ang hindi mabasagan ng crackers

Creative ba?

We need help, now can you please suggest a game that's decent?
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