Thursday, May 7, 2009

suggest a game! im desperate.

Me and my church mates were brainstorming for the upcoming sportsfest that we were going to organize in our area. We were so giddy that time ( i dont know why)..

of course aside from the usual basketball, volleyball, and water volleyball games, here were some unique suggestions:

1 Tug of war with flour

2 Tiyakad with beads

3 Pakwan relay:
...Dalhin ang melon sa finish line gamit lang ang pisngi ng lima mo pang kagrupo

4 Swat that butt cracker challenge:
..isabit ang skyflakes sa bandang pwet at magpaluan gamit ang nirolyong dyaryo. Panalo ang hindi mabasagan ng crackers

Creative ba?

We need help, now can you please suggest a game that's decent?


Anonymous said...

LOL okay naman na yung sa skyflakes ah? LOL

igvirene said...

Hi Flor,

Nung ng-new year ako sa family nung boyfriend ko marami laro pero ang natatandaan ko eh yung "mabaho si pepe". Para yung hep hep hooray sa wowowee, hehe. Ok ba yun?


Tiago and Sendo said...

Those are really creative Flor. I'll be suggesting them sa church namin for future activities too--that is, if you don't have them patented, hehe.

Uhmm... There's this game I often use for team building. I call it "Keep It Up", and the rules are pretty simple, just literally keep "it" up. And by "it", I mean feathers, one for each competing group, whose members will have to keep it afloat on air by merely blowing it--catching it or letting it land on any part of the body results in disqualification, the team who keeps it afloat the longest time WINS!

I dunno if they'd be as fun as your games apparently are though ;)

Stay golden,


flor said...

@ prinsesamusang: haha. sobrang kulit talaga nyan

@ irene: pano yun parang...mabaho! si pepe! tapos may actions din. LOL

@ tiago: haha theyre not patented. mukhang okay yung keep it up game. iniisip ko lang halimbawa 15 sila in a team, medyo mahirap hirap na blowing marathon ang gagawin nila

Tiago and Sendo said...

Ahhh, 15 pala in a team? Certainly, mahirap yung ganun karami! Hehe, I think the game's more suitable for only around 3-6 members each team siguro. But sige, lemme think of another one...

And oh, by the way, Swat That Butt Cracker really owns! LMAO


igvirene said...

Hi flor, may actions din ung mabaho! si pepe! Pag mabaho, nakahawak ang kamay sa ilong, pag si pepe naman nakababa sa may tuhod ata yun. hehe. Nakakatawa ng konti yung nung reunion nila, hehe.

Love said...

wow may sportsfest din kau?? nice!!!

try nio yung.. uhm i dont know what's the name of the game...

its like this, meron dapat chinese garter na ilalagay sa paa, una 2 persons lang muna, then iikot sa isang poste, tapos dagdag ng isa pang garter para sa isa pang group member..

(medyo nakakatawa lang kasi hindi magsasabay2 yung paglakad nila..)

tapos ung first team na makatapos sila ung winner..


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