Thursday, May 14, 2009

Gift Ideas- Towel Wraps, Nap Mats, and Plates

Posylane released a new set of gift ideas for kids from both Lipstick Shades and Oh Mint.

Since it's summer, I'm sure kids will love to go camping. And a good and practical thing to buy are these kids nap mats that are space-efficient and has great designs that kids would love to bring anywhere.


Next, look at how adorable these monogrammed towel wraps are. They can be personalized to add the names of the new gift owners. And the fabric looks soft and I'd love to use them after a shower . They come in cute colors too.
The last gift idea is from Lipstick Shades. These personalized children's plates and placemats and are great for children who love colorful gifts. It's useful too. You can also use them to learn some words through the picture designs.


cpsanti said...

the towel wraps are big sellers in tokyo during summer ;-)

flor said...

thanks cp santi

SUSAN KEMP said...

Wow! What a great list! This took some time to put together.
Thank you so much.

What a wonderful giveaway! I love all those pretty spring fabrics,

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