Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sketch Diaries

My drawing class is in a hiatus so here are some doodles i did over the summer. 
Artist's Level: Beginner pa lang ako. babaan nyo lang ang expectations nyo :)

I'm trying to develop a style of my own. As you can see, i find it so difficult to draw eyes. Just check out the unbalanced eyes and brows of the guy. Drawing hair is also a problem. Mala-Erap tuloy ang buhok nung lalaki.
Anyway, I think the woman in the drawing looks better than the guy though i usually draw males better. Sad to say, chamba lang to, at hindi ko pa kayang ulit ulitin ang pagdrowing sa mukha nya. 

* Each week, i will post random sketches I've drawn. I'm doing this so i will ALWAYS remember to draw (at hindi puro computer, tv at wowowee ang inaatupag ko).  Please comment!
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