Monday, March 30, 2009

Officially: random

Wenz officially graduates from grade school! He never removed his medal. (it was a Loyalty award, . . & it's gold). Look at how proud I smile. -- tunay na ina.


I am also officially a bum. shoot now im clueless, i dont know what to do. This cartoonist racket is apparently not working out as I expected. I have to wait for batch mates to start training. Who knows how long that would take. Dunno how much more I can hold out. . . with my savings. . . and my waist line. If you just stay at home watching Ugly Betty reruns, you would definitely get chub-by.

just sharing:
What i really learned from the bum experience (bec. ive been given so much time to think and ponder during the months i wasted being a bum) is that, in life, you always have to have back up plans. On anything, clothes to wear, food to eat, boys to date, or in my case, opportunitites to grab. My initial plan was to quit my job and study animation. But since I've learned that life is unpredictable and fate could also be your enemy, i thought of a back up plan. And now I am not devastated like before. There is something that cushions the blows.

So i also discovered, it's true what adults say that school is nothing compared to life after it. I am on my own now. In school, everything is scheduled, you just have to go, you would fail if you dont study well. But life after it is an entirely different challenge. You're free, but you just dont know if your doing anything right. It's hard being an adult. I miss school so bad.

on the side:
That Watchmen movie is totally a killer of my morals. Dont watch it Christians! dont.

Word of advice to Dr. Manhattan and his wardrobe director, he could totally look good with briefs. That way, moviegoers can concentrate on the movie, not something else,.. sticking out.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

dont waste your time reading this.

i warned you!

writers block..struggling..struggling..

Im back again to being a bum. Im not sure that that enrollment on the animation class is going too well. I called them up but they said that the director was a little too busy to check on my application. im upset at you mr. director. Oh well,everyone knows being a bum is synonymous to depression. I really wish I'd be back on my "path".

Anyway, who cares about all this drama.

-- change topic --

wow umuulan. the Rain means blessings. 'ts a sign!

Friday, March 20, 2009


a tribute to my old job.

Agent 1- nickname: Dora
Meron siyang natanggap na tawag. Irate ang caller at naghahanap pa ito ng supervisor.. tinransfer ni Dora ang kausap sa Puerto Rico department sabay banta pang uulitin nya daw 'to next time. Note to all American insurance holders, dont be irate if you dont want to be greeted with "Gracias por llamar..."

Ito naman si Agent 2. nickname: Donna Cruz
Panalo lagi ang stats niyan pero ..

Ang gabi payapa, lahat ay tahimik, pati mga tala sa bughaw na langit -- D.C.

Agent 3 - nickname: Ball
isa sa mga rules namin sa calls ay magbuild ng rapport sa mga kausap.

caller: where are you from?
Agent Ball: the Philippines
caller: Oh really
Agent Ball: Yes! have you been here? I'll bring you to the all tourist spots here in the Philippines
(niyabang nya pa saming nagpalitan sila ng cellphone number ng caller)

minsan pa..
Agent Ball: How will you spend your weekend
caller : babbles something , how 'bout you
Agent Ball: I' ll drink beer!
caller: Oh yeah!

minsan pa..
Agent Ball:How old are you, ma'am?
caller: I'm 50
Agent Ball: you dont sound like you're 50, you sound younger!

Agent 3.1- siya pa rin 'to. pero ibang category lang.
caller: what's the first initial to your last name
Agent Ball: T (tee)
caller: T for what
Agent Ball: T for Terminator

Agent 4 nickname: Flor
Flor: which state are you calling from?
caller: Michigan,.. Which state are you calling from?
Flor: ummm, Manila.
caller: Manila? Where's that?
Flor: Manila! (tunog parang "youre so ignorant you dont know where it is")
caller: Oh..
Fact: we're not allowed to disclose that we're in the Philippines
Hay right now, I'm still having trouble with my resignation. I'm just trying to remember good times with this post. Pray that i'll be given peace of mind.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

gift ideas- Monograms are cute!

Hi guys, i love gift giving and even if it's not yet christmas we love to give gifts. Sometimes when i shop and there's something interesting that i see, I always think about somebody that deserves that thing and i buy it as a gift for them. I found another gift idea online on MSC Main Street Collection. The stuff there are kinda girly.. i love the pink, apple green colors, the polka dots and the stipes. Check out the samples in the site.

There are coin purses, tumblers, mouse pads and a lot more. But the common factor that would really personalize this gift are the monogrammed letter designs. So i think we can give it as a gift for almost everybody, if you order one, they would embroider you chosen letter for you. But my favorite is this : Who's cup Tags. The monograms are used to label the glasses like when you're in a party you dont have to always ask where your cup is when you lost it.
Great idea for parties, right? And in the site, there's a lot more than just monograms, there are journals for moms, handpainted gifts , adorable stickers, a lot more so dont just take my word for it. Go visit this wonderful, creative website. link

Sunday, March 15, 2009

i dont understand the emo culture

i know that the trend these past years have been about men going for crazy hairstyles like spikes,or wearing it long like those Taiwanese boys, i also understand that there's been an ongoing fad about tattoos or wearing more than 1 pair of earrings in some uncharted regions in the human body, or of women wearing really tiny clothes or really slim, skinny jeans or of the trend of celebrities shaving their heads. but this one i can't get myself to understand. when has the trend of cutting oneself ever look good?

This is dangerous, mamaya matetano pa kayo. Truthfully this form of self expression is very different, if not disturbing. Why is everything emo so ...emotional?, im sure people get hurt and heartbroken all the time but those guys are like celebrating sadness, depression and negativity. To me it's like screaming "hey i love being miserable, let me just sulk here in my dark place". Sure life has its down times but life is altogether beautiful. There's so many things to celebrate about this existence. It's easy to be miserable but there are so many fun and precious moments that life has to offer. Dont let them pass you by. Dont cut yourselves. Cut that cr@p.

The reason im so concerned is because my brother is a self-confessed emo boi. I hope he grows out of it. i hope this generation grows out of it. just like my father grew out of wearing bell bottom jeans in the 70's haha (he now cringes when he sees his old pictures). But then again, for those who are fans of the emo style, defend yourselves and let me understand about the culture. Maybe i am just ignorant or maybe not.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

a phase ends

I am about to leave this call center industry with high hopes and a sad heart. High hopes because finally i am back to the road that i truly want to be in. Sad heart because for the three months that i have stayed in that call center, i have learned to love my team mates. Almost all of them have been fathers and mothers to me, since i am the youngest/ "bunso".

Honestly, i used to hate that they make fun of the fact that i dont drink or smoke. Sagad pa sa bastos pag nagjojoke sila. Minsan gusto ko ng sabihin na puro sex na lang ba ang kaya nyong pagusapan magdamagan. Minsan maririndi ka din. Pero habang tumatagal nagegets ko na, part lang yun ng personality nila. Sa totoo lang mga tao rin sila na marunong magmahal -ate V. Napakabait nila sa'kin at talagang mamimiss ko ang mga pangungulit at pagaalaga nila, pagbibigay ng pagkain at pagkinig sa mga mabababaw na problema ko. I hope meron din akong impluwensya sa buhay nila,..

Well right now, i feel thankful, grateful of this experience that i had.

Time to start a new phase.
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