Thursday, March 15, 2012

Turn Around, Bright Eyes

Geeky flowchart of an awesome song...

This was part of a WORK LIFE BALANCE initiative in the office wherein one department sends us weekly geeky/awesome quizzes for a chance of gaining points for your department.

The question for this photo was :
The flowchart above shows the lyrical flow of Bonnie Tyler's biggest hit which topped the UK singles chart in March of 1983. Complete the flowchart by supplying and enumerating all five (5) missing phrases in the lyrics, denoted by the numbered rectangles in yellow.

Omg, I was super laughing out loud when I saw this and I heard people even singing while solving this particular (awesome) question. it's so funny when you get to hear 'em. so I hope if you have time, give me the answer as a comment. ANd as a prize, well.............., you'll be able to jog your memory, less chances of Alzheimers, and well, you'll gain extra bragging rights. hahaha.

Hope you have a good day!

Sincerely, Flor
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