Saturday, June 23, 2012

Midyear Life Plans that I have to make happen

Hi there, it is the middle of the year.. June 2012 and time flies by so quickly. I can't even believe it.

At work I am not so efficient these days. I want to know if there are times you are just there rewarding yourself with time in the internet that you dont deserve cause you spent hours on an email/ report that you can create in 20 minutes. Sometimes I probably am too lazy like that. But I am trying to change and overcome that.

Anyways, what are your plans this year? i've started planning in January and I think not  a lot of that is getting pushed thru because I have written my plans in a place where i could not be reminded of by anyone but myself - my diary.

So I am quickly going thru what I would like to happen this year and write in a more public platform - my blog:

1. Enroll in Multimedia Arts Classes
2. Go to Beijing and visit the Great Wall. If that can't happen, maybe next year, or go to any other Asian country instead this year. But I can't not visit the Great Wall within the next 3 years
3. Help redecorate the house
4.  Attend Institute
5. Be a regular at work
6. Learn efficient public speaking at work
7.Invest via (Thanks to the Bo Sanchez booklet) 
8.Be in an actual relationship <3

So many! Hope they all happen!!!
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