Sunday, January 18, 2009

call center virgin

Hello friends.
I'm excited cause I already have a new headset.
We will start our ABAY on Monday. (it means we will already take in calls) gulp gulp gulp.
Monday means 21 hours from now.Oh my gosh.
Right now I'm starting to make a cheat sheet for everything i need to say tomorrow.
Last Wednesday, we tested the waters, we went on a pre-ABAY.. (which means we took in calls for an hour to know how it feels like)
i was never given a chance cause my partner was the one who took the calls and i was the one who navigated the system. But our headphones were connected so that we can both hear what the caller was saying.
Bara-bara lang naituro samin ang pagamit ng AVAYA. (the phonelike structure you use to transfer and take calls) we really sucked like we didnt know how to log in or transfer.
Napaka sungit pa nung trainer namin nung time na yun. Sa bagay 11 pairs kaya kami na hinahandle nya.

Our first call was a sup call. (it means the caller asked for a supervisor). Horror talaga. This is because we were given calls that were supposed to be for dental. We belong to medical that's why we didnt notice that the call was for another department. "I want to talk to a supervisor", the caller said. Dapat nga magkukunwari na lang kami na ako yung supervisor. But we still called her up. " Im sorry your policy is being handled by another department" said our supersungit supervisor. The caller said to her " why wasnt i told that from the beginning" said the nice- turned-irate caller. The supervisor said a few things and to my surprise really, the customer was appeased. Ang galing men.

We continued making mistake after mistake. Again, the call was out of scope. We need to transfer it pero hindi talaga namin alam gamitin yung AVAYA. Binabaan pa kami. Pano ba naman..

"How do you spell that name again" says my partner.
caller says " Like Nancy..M-A-J-brbrbrbrbr"
She said Nancy, and spelt it like MAJHID.
we had a hard time.
plus i think my partner was on drugs. (joke lang)
I'm a really empathizing partner though im not sure if i was really helpful to him.
He forgot his lines.
He used up all the ahhs and uhmmms in the world and he was shaking.
Our cheat sheets were flying around, we were so confused.
We really had a hard time. i guess my partner was really nervous.

"Hello Cindy"
"My name's not Cindy, I'm Robyn"
"Oh I'm sorry Robyn" my partner said.
we transferred this call again.
Oh well, when we all went out after the hour was over, we saw our wavemates (jargon for batchmates) smiling saying "it was easy", "im pumped up" etc. They did great. My partner and I were smiling cause we were laughing at ourselves. It's a learning experience though.

Pero lugi ako, kasi ang first real call ko ay magsisimula na 20 hours from now
I hope I do well.


gillboard said...

good luck. andali ng work niyo... im speaking from experience... lolz!!!

RJ said...

Baka makalimutan mo na ang pagiging isang nurse nyan.

Good luck! o",)

lucas said...

balak ko dating magcall center kaya lang kakalawangin na talaga ako..but ok na yan kesa walang work...tulad ko. huhuhu!

kuyanin said...

looks like somebody is enjoying her new venture pretty well :) sorry di na ako nakakapag blog kasi mejo busy sa home-based business. have you heard of USANA? :) i recommend that to you as a part time job lalo't health-related and course mo.

Chyng said...

Anong company ka dear? Sa Call center din ako! Pero non-voice... Mahina tenga ko eh.. haha

Lance said...

abay? are you working at eperformax? hehehe
anyway, it's usually a nightmare basta first deployment on the floor.. pero masasanay ka rin..patience and perseverance lang.. gudluck.. hope you could visit my site, got lots of posts about callcenter there...=) said...

hi flor! natapos na ung contract namin don sa NCO. watanexperience.:)) namiss ko na ang avaya, mga aux.. kahit mga irate callers nakakamiss hahaha!XD

galingan mo ha. empathy and active listening!:) customers can really be impatient so kalma lang.

and smile.:) mahahala ng cu pag hindi.

Hapi said...

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Edi said...

good luck, im sure you will do fine

cybercesz said...

hehehe..kakatuwa ka naman...hope you'll make it on top...

Victor Gregor said...

welkam sa industriya. meron akong blog na balak ko sanang lamanan ng mga kwentong call center kaso di ko naman maasikaso, bilang may buhay din akong iba liban sa pagiging alipin. LOL.

nice blog. i'm linking you.

M A Y A said...

gosh! hearing the words call center, headset, avaya and all ... aaahhh! wala lang, hehe!

(kaw ba naman magwork sa call center since 1996... onti pa lang call center sa pinas nun!)

pero enjoy yan promise!

dotep said...

pagkatapos ng ABAY tumakas na ko, awol...

inaantok ako eh... kaya ngayun tambay...

alagaan mo katawan mo.
nakakapraning uminom ng alak sa umaga..


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