Thursday, January 21, 2010


Hello there, it's been ages!.

I missed blogging a lot but one thing that hinders me from coming back here in this particular site, is the fact that it doesnt even have a pagerank so it's like i lost some interest in it. It became zero well within last year for a reason i have yet to discover but i hope that if anyone has an idea, could you please enlighten me?

Anyway, even if i , the author, have lost interest in this blog, i hope you can spark some interest in it. go to the must-reads section on the left part. i have assumed that they are my better posts. thank you

I am so scared to write about my current job right now, because of my boss, who has never failed to terrify me every single time we meet. But because of him, i have become very, very successful in my job/goal/task. I cannot tell you the nature of my work bec im too terrified that he might find this blog or read about my murmurings..
Walls have eyes and ears.

He is different from other bosses because you'd actually remember his face. I actually dreamt about his eyes (huge ones) after he got angry with me. Napanaginipan ko talaga.

When his anger is on a rampage, it'sbest that you just shut up. But in all fairness to him, he doesnt get angry for no reason. But it's still best that you shut up.

Have you had bosses that youre uncomfortable with? Share the experience.


Toilet Thoughts said...

I had one boss from my previous co.

Typical Indian boss. Makulit. She'd call you on your mobile even in your most unceremonious moments. Twas there that i learned to divert my mobile to my fax machine. But was also there that i learned to work really hard.

I hated her for some time.

But when I transfered to a new co., I missed her dearly. I realised she was one of my best managers. She was as strict as a tyrant, but as caring as a mother.

kcatwoman said...

that's true waht you said about learning how to work real hard. we really appreciate it in the end. ang ganda ng experience mo, thanks for sharing

peenkfrik said...

He'd still find out from your tone here. :D

Flor said...

that's pretty scary!

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