Saturday, November 7, 2009

i just realized

Hello dont you know that i just realilzed that this blog just turned 1 year old a month ago. wow. im a bad blogger, i neglected this toddler blog. oh well at least im writing now. for anyone who would care to read, i actually am now pursuing my cartoonist dream but it was instantly put on a halt since im kinda busy with my new job in research. wow what a term.. "research". well im really into this field and im using my organizing and medical know how skills. i find it awesome that what im doing is something important (it's an international study). i was really overwhelmed with the enormrous amount of responsibility but now im getting the hang of it, thanks to answered prayers. my faith really increased.

Anyway, i really hope i could push thru with my dreams in the drawing field. i really really hope..
maybe in the next few months i can post a few of the drawings.

have a great day,


peenkfrik said...

Congratulations for hitting the first year. And good luck on becoming a cartoonist. ;)

K said...

been a while. great to see an update from you. and good luck on the drawings ;)

Jules said...

cartoonist ka pala :D galing :D di ako marunong mag drawing. isa sa mga frustrations ko :D

Mayyang said...

hello... just back here sistah! musta na?

btw, CONGRATS! galing naman... how i wish i have that talent also. hehehehe..

Goodlick! mis u here sis :))


Arbee said...

wow! good luck on becoming a cartoonist :-). dream ko ri yan dati nung bata pa ako eh.

jr041283 said...

Just blog at least once a day. Any topic on anything will do.

Nice blog.

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Thanks. Happy blogging.

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