Monday, March 30, 2009

Officially: random

Wenz officially graduates from grade school! He never removed his medal. (it was a Loyalty award, . . & it's gold). Look at how proud I smile. -- tunay na ina.


I am also officially a bum. shoot now im clueless, i dont know what to do. This cartoonist racket is apparently not working out as I expected. I have to wait for batch mates to start training. Who knows how long that would take. Dunno how much more I can hold out. . . with my savings. . . and my waist line. If you just stay at home watching Ugly Betty reruns, you would definitely get chub-by.

just sharing:
What i really learned from the bum experience (bec. ive been given so much time to think and ponder during the months i wasted being a bum) is that, in life, you always have to have back up plans. On anything, clothes to wear, food to eat, boys to date, or in my case, opportunitites to grab. My initial plan was to quit my job and study animation. But since I've learned that life is unpredictable and fate could also be your enemy, i thought of a back up plan. And now I am not devastated like before. There is something that cushions the blows.

So i also discovered, it's true what adults say that school is nothing compared to life after it. I am on my own now. In school, everything is scheduled, you just have to go, you would fail if you dont study well. But life after it is an entirely different challenge. You're free, but you just dont know if your doing anything right. It's hard being an adult. I miss school so bad.

on the side:
That Watchmen movie is totally a killer of my morals. Dont watch it Christians! dont.

Word of advice to Dr. Manhattan and his wardrobe director, he could totally look good with briefs. That way, moviegoers can concentrate on the movie, not something else,.. sticking out.


tomatocf said...

hahaha. now that i'm also a bum and dying of boredom i cant help but agree with what you just wrote. haha. i miss school din. haaay.

Too-Saturn said...

wow kukai nakaka-aliw ka magsulat! haha!

nakakatuwa ka naman talagang ippursue mo ang pagging cartoonist! :) go lang! kaya mo yan!!
ako din naman hindi ko itutuloy ang pagiging nurse e haha! so, medyo bum din ako for ilang months na. at least ikaw nakapagwork pa dba!
meron din akong gustong gawin. medyo hinahanda ko pa sarili ko haha! well, naniniwala ako na good things come to those who wait haha!

write often! haha! i'll be reading all your posts :D seee youuuuuuu!

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

congrats wenz and sis thanks for leaving a comment in my blog.^_^

By the way sis..about your question...
Noah's Park is located @ Montalban, Rizal exactly beside Avilon Zoo ^_^

dotep said...

pwedeng isanla yang medal kapag naubus na ang pera katatambay... hehe

hinhintay ko pa dvd copy nung watchmen.. tagal


flor said...

hey tomatotfc: so sad to be a bum. best of luck to us!

@ too saturn: hey marmie.maraming salamat.gusto ko malaman kung ano yung gagawin mo instead of narsing. best of luck to you

meryl: thanks also. mukhang magandang bisitahin yang park na yan, malapit pa!

dotep: nakaktwa ka tlga magcomment, ..anyway, sabi na wag manood ng watchmen! repent repent

MrsLavendula said...

i totally agree about school and after school life, it was much easier back then, when everything was laid out for you and you just needed to comply. ive also been a bum for a few months now, so welcome to the club! thanx for visiting my site!

Anonymous said...

oh wow that is so cool! congratulations to the proud medal-bearing graduate LOL i agree with you about having back up plans. it is important, parang dapat laging may spare na bala pagpunta sa gera LOL hmmm.. i am curious about your watchmen statement parang gusto ko tuloy panuorin LOL

Too-Saturn said...

hi kukai! oo hndi ko na itutuloy pagnanars haha!
gusto kong lumipaaaaaaaaad =D haha!

gusto ko naman lumayo layo dito sa bahay namin. gusto ko maexperience kung pano magisa tska gusto ko malibot ung buong mundo haha! hindi ko alam e pero narealize ko lang last december na bakit hindi ako magtry haha! at sobrang kinakarir ko ngayon ang pagpprepare sa sarili ko haha!

tapos kapag kumikita na ako mag-aaral ako! hindi ko pa nga lang alam kung ano pero baka either humanities or business haha!

mas pinaghahandaan ko pa to, kesa nung boards haha! ikaw super goodluck sayo!!!! shet pagpray mo ko a! babalitaan kita haha! =D

kcatwoman said...

@ mrs lavendula: haha,thanks for welcoming me in the club!

@ prinsesa musang: nako wag ka macurious sa watchmen, may bed scene kasi na unecessary kaya ayoko.tapos r13 lang sya. ehhe

@ toosaturn: gsto mo lumipad? FA b yan. i hope magsucceed ka.masarap nga feeling pag independent ka na, although ayoko umalis ng bahay, best of luck marms

Too-Saturn said...

yesss haha! well sana nga! haha!!

likewise kukai!!! =D

cpsanti said...

hahahah! i know what you mean about making plans. i forgot to make plans for after the plans, so i'm also a semi-bum ;-)

Anonymous said...

wow! congrats to that little boy...hehehe.. Gold na Gold ha.. isanla natin!heheheh...

*pcnxa na sa late comment kasi nagbkasyon aq last week..hehehe..haba haba! nasulit qxa sis....

Godbless :)

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