Sunday, December 28, 2008


a while back, i was talking to a friend over the phone and i think i said something really awful to her and she responded with:

Anong akala mo sakin, laruang de susi?

takte. panalo ka friend.

anyway, while im writing this we have 3 kid visitors in our home who were collecting their pamasko from my father. Suddenly, Richie the Horsie showed up in the tv screen. One kid said to the other, "Hoy, Say, diba tatay mo yan?" and then giggles.

kids could be so mean.


lucas said...

awww... sometimes when hurt people when we least expect it... i hope you'll be able to patch things up with her :):)

happy new year

Anonymous said...

happy new year!
late man late pa rin!

hala bat may ganung banat?

flor said...

@ lucas: thanks,were friends pa rin pero nakaktawa lang talga ang reaction nya

peklay said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Graceful said...

yaoto for kagawad!

Anonymous said...

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bruce said...

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