Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A difficult doctor story

There is a doctor i am handling who was offended and thought that i was not amenable with his work. Let's establish here that he made a petty mistake and since he is a colleague i must tell him what is correct based on policies. But if you read my text, it was assertive but gracious, almost bordering on pleading/submissiveness.

His last text to me is manipulative, making me feel that if i am not ok with his work, just remove him as my doctor but i truly need him to be part of my roster, as in really need him. Whatever. Seriously Doc, i expected much better from you. i think i deserve a better reply than what you gave. i dont care about your education. Respect matters more to me, to everyone. In the bigger picture, we are all equals, you just studied longer than me but your license does not give you authority to manipulate people nor make me feel bad like this, like im a puny worm begging for your wonderful assistance. Freaking whatever.

Thankfully i just attended comm. training and i still replied to him that i need the corrections done, told him why i need that done because of policy (and sheer, simple logic). I stood my ground. I need to be assertive bec. I dont want to be the one breaking policies. Wanted to call him to clarify but, wait, what do we have here? you just wouldnt pick up would you? How difficult could it be to please a diva.

Clearly this does not raise my perception of doctors :( im sorry, i know of doctors who are very kind, generous and fair: two of them are my bosses. But there are really doctors i've worked with who have just lowered and scarred my perception of doctors in general. Buti sana kung tama sya. Is it because of the presumed 'higher level of education'? i sincerely would like to try to understand.

To be fair, I guess, professionals from all fields have their share of rotten tomatoes.

Sincerely, Flor


Arvin U. de la Peña said...

thanks for sharing this...

Anonymous said...

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