Friday, June 17, 2011

Currently at 135 lbs (06/18/2011)

Goal : reach 120lbs in 2 months

Hi Blog,

As much as I don't want to make this into a weight loss diary/ journal, I have now lost around 3 pounds since starting gym 4 weeks ago. I know this is still quite little when I know I could've lost more. But dieting is my real enemy here. There was one time, I ate a whole pack of cookies and Nagaraya when I could never finish those myself before when I didn't go to the gym. Workouts make me more hungry.

But I've already given up some things. Like soda, and Milo at night. I've trained myself not to crave for soda. When eating out, I ask for water instead of any other drinks offered. I've also become more cautious since even fruit drinks/juices when bought outside are more sugary than healthy.

And Milo..., I love Milo! But now I drink and savor it in the morning and have stopped drinking at night. It's one thing I probably can never give up.

My exercise regimen consists of working out at the gym around 2 to 3 times a week. I have started looking forward to it since I see myself becoming stronger in a sense I can do more sit-ups and more numbers of repetitive machine workouts. I also love using Cardio equipment especially the elliptical. Well so there I hope I can lose a lot of weight and hope that you can share with me your miraculous weight loss stories cause I badly need a miracle right now :)

Have a good day friends!


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Hi! It's nice to be back.. :)

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