Sunday, January 16, 2011

Finding Peace in Cebu

This is probably one of the my best and most memorable vacations ever and it happened right here in our country. This is definitely a memorable first for us since this is the only time that we boarded a plane AS A FAMILY!  It was almost New Year back then, and my family just waited for me to come after work in the morning and we boarded the plane ASAP. No time to rest, no time to shower, or even eat a meal... We were all so excited to be headed to Cebu.

"Peace I give unto you" -- Taoist Temple, Cebu City
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Well, this is us, visiting the beautiful Taoist Temple near downtown Cebu City. 'Beautiful' is such an understatement, actually. The temple was so breathtaking in the beauty of its structures, flowers, gardens, and fountains. I also loved the huge gong which reminded me of the big temples I only see in movies in distant China. I felt like a foreigner in my own country. The Philippines is known for it's beautiful natural tourist destinations but this one is man-made which really amazed me. I never would've believed that such a building that can be visited without a fee existed . I'm really just proud of it. I hope this picture gives it justice. I think everyone must have time to visit this temple even if you're a from a different religion or sect. My siblings and I sat there and felt contemplative and peaceful once we were inside. Here's a place where you can do some serious soul-searching. We've visited almost all the tourist spots in Cebu --  the Mactan shrine, Mountainview Top, Magellan's Cross, to name a few, but this wonderful building really has a place in my heart and will always be a place where I found a little bit more of serenity and happiness amidst the bustling city of Cebu.



Arvin U. de la Peña said...

cebu is a good place..

Flor said...

yes i loved it too :)

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