Friday, February 19, 2010

great luck

Hello guys.

Would just like to share with you my good luck at present. I still cross my fingers each day bec. I dont want this blessing to be lifted from me. I know I always yak about my hardship at work and how hard it is to deal with bosses.

right now, we're just dealing with paper work and filing so we're basically benign. im just under contract that's why there i no certainty of how long they'll let me stay. i was thinking that by the end of feb, i need to be looking for another job. that's the thing with research, it's not permanent but it somehow worked for me. anyway, my immediate superior just told me that they're letting me stay until April.

PERK: i get to do almost next to nothing and get 2 full months' salary.

wow. i cant believe my luck. i guess i can say that this is the payment for the tears and disappointments i had over the past month. it was really stressful. but i know i should still be ready to know what to do next with my life. ( and i am so utterly clueless)

Plus i started going to drawing class again. They've been teaching me about face proportions and expressions.

Wish me luck on that.
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