Wednesday, July 8, 2009

You're the 1, Goldilocks!

When I say cake.. You say Goldilocks!
Cake.......? (Please respond)

Well, anyway, ever since childhood, Goldilocks treats were always a part of our baons, parties, holidays and simple meriendas. You're the one, Goldilocks because you're the pastry shop of my childhood, present and future.

For baon, the little me would frequently ask my mom for the chewy, classic brownies. Other brownies I have tasted would always have to compare with Goldilocks brownies. Oh, I remember! Mamon and brownies go head to head as my baon. But the stress of being a teacher now makes me crave for my new love: Marble slice.

For parties, my auntie used to order cake rolls for her birthday cause it saves money for her. But, us, kids never feel deprived cause that particular cake roll is a Brazo de Mercedes. It's like having both leche flan and cake at the same time. We loved it. It's a great memory.

Well, now that my aunt's moneyed, cakes are a staple for our family parties and holidays. Our new discovery is the Chocolate Mousse cake. It's perfect. It's the family's new favorite. But for my cousins and I, though we're older, our tastebuds will never forget (and will always look for) a Brazo de Mercedez roll.
For my birthdays, give me any Goldilocks cake as long as it's chocolate (lol)..just put some flowers, make sure there's icing, and we'll make sure that you won't get out of my party without icing on your face.

So you see, my family and Goldilocks have a history of fun together. My sweet tooth always finds it's way to their cakes & pastries and all those happy memories.
Well, too much blogging is making me hungry.
I'd better grab a Marble slice. Bye for now.


Lord CM said...

Pansin ko lang, may ilang blogger na may entry tungkol sa goldilocks, lahat No. 1 :D ...

Tanong lang, bayad ba tong entry na to? para ako rin gagawa ng entry lolzz

tomato cafe said...

choco rumble paborito ko nung college. tatlong ganun ang lunch ko. hehe

Traveliztera said...

love ko brownies ng goldilocks... siguro pag cake, sa red ribbon ako pero the rest, sa goldilocks... ang pinakafavorite ko e ung choco rumble... tomato cafe, correct me if i'm wrong... choco rumble ba ung parang chewy na chocolatey na nakaka-adik? hahaha

kcatwoman said...

hi tomato cafe: ang sarap sarap sarap nga ng choco rumble! grabe naman tatlo ang baon mo tomato. hahahaha

hi traveliztera: try mo rin yung choco mousse ng goldilocks, masarap talaga, oo yung choco rumble yung super laking tumpok ng chocolate na sobrang tamis at chewy

fedhz said...

@Lord CM: uu para sa mga Nuffnang members. hehe. pa-contest.

Traveliztera said...

wah onga un un!

gusto ko pero parang wala na? :(

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