Monday, July 20, 2009

How long can you survive in the Artic ---- without clothes?

Merchandise Liquidators
This is a real funny quiz. I mean, with the advent of facebook, everyone is into quizzes. So i posted this one which i really find interesting. The choices for each question is funny so it's worth the try. The (wild, hypothetical) question is "If You End Up in the Artic Without Clothing, How Long will You Survive?" Mine's 3 1/2 hours but if you were locked in the ref as a military training or know how to assemble an igloo like this quiz suggests.. you may have much more time to survive in the ice naked.

Have fun!

This quiz was provided by

Merchandize Liquidators
a Wholesale Clothing Company


Prinsesang Palaka said...

2 and a half hours only...
=(...mauuna akong mamatay kaysa sayo...=)

temujin said...

You beat me by 1/2 hour.

flor said...


thanks for taking the quiz too!


kg said...

hay naku! sa totoong buhay, i won't survive even fpr ten minutes. lamigin ako eh. :)

tomato cafe said...

gaaaah! give me 10 seconds.:D

Anonymous said...

Where do u take the quiz?

Anonymous said...

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