Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hippie for a Day

Wt: 131 lbs, rice eaten: 1 cup (so proud), snacks: 5 ( ice cream, potato salad, brownies, puto bumbong, potato chips), jump ropes: 0 , diet regimen: After Six

I learned that the word Hors d'œuvres is pronounced as "Orderves". And notwithstanding the fact that i am now at an all time high of 131 pounds, i am once again talking about food. Hors d'œuvres are the small one bite appetizers you eat at a party. So at least you learned something from this blog today.

Talking about parties, I attended my aunt's recent birthday bash and i partied like there's no tomorrow. My aunt had installed a disco ball in her entertainment room and the ball wasn't rented,.. it's there to stay permanently! And so I started dancing crazily and that probably cancelled any chance of having a lovelife. I think i ticked off any possible suitors. I know, I assume too much (hahaha). They also asked me if i took drugs. "Yes.. Orange Flower" I said just to shut them up. Orange flower is the most popular among the ecstasy pills. And yes if you are a nurse like me, you get to retain useless information like that.

The biggest reason i say i ticked off any possible beaus is this~ The theme of the party is The Psychedelic Sixties. And apparently, i was the only one who actually wore a costume :/

Guess who took things too seriously?

I wanted to look like this.. 
..but i guess i failed miserably.haha. Forgive me for my pessimism though. I love costume parties and i couldn't care less that everyone else is under-dressed. Being a hippie for a day was exhilarating. I suggest you try it. Do wear a forehead band, look high, do some kooky dance moves, and stop eating all those hors d' oeuvres or you'll end up packed with 131 lbs too.

Yun lang.
Lubos na gumagalang,

Friday, April 2, 2010

April Fools' Prank Memories

When my sister and i were in high school, we used to love april fools. hanggang sa tumanda na kami, nakakalimutan na namin parang sayang lumampas na yung april fools.

we used to play pranks on others via phone, which proved to be really effective! una, hindi nakikita ng tao yung facial expression mo at kung natatawa ka na. you just have to do great voice impressions.

we chose a very likely victim from school, someone who wouldnt tell on us. siguro sa popularity pyramid, isa sya sa mga geek guys. but who am i to say? i wasnt that popular either. anywaysss,

The Prank

Phone ringing..
victim: hello?
Me& Sis (in our best american accent): hi, we're the DJs from 93.7FM radio, Britney Spears in having a concert in Manila next week and we're giving away free tickets!!

victim: really (uninterested)
me&  sis: yes! all you have to do is sing a line from the song Hit me Baby one more time..

victim (proceeds to sing): Oh baby baby how was is supposed to know...That something wasnt right here, oh baby baby i shouldnt have let you go.. i must confess, that my loneliness..

sis: okay na! you just won yourself free tickets to her concert. congratulations!!!

Since i couldnt contain my laughter any longer, i told him, "Goodness! hindi mo pa ba kami nakikkilala!!!" Sobrang nakakatawa kasi may effort talagang kumanta. And what's really funny is that he never guessed from the start that we were fakes bec we werent so good in our DJ accents and of course im sure we sounded too young. But the best best part is that i made him sing. to this day i regret the fact that i was unable to record the conversation.. haaay

anyway, senior year came, and this geek guy victim of ours turned out to become one of our CAT officers. yikes!

share your own pranks.
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