Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Raise your hand if you wanna get paid

Sharing my life online by blogging is one of my hobbies. Blogging has so many benefits,..one can share stories about one's life, get the chance to be a blogger celebrity (well not quite), or it simply gives you the chance to voice out your opinions.

With my 2 blogs, I find new friends, find great promos and freebies, and (the best part is) there are so many ways to earn!
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Not only bloggers can benefit from PayingPost. Advertisers can, well, advertise on blogs. Online advertising is very affordable and easy. People love to read about product reviews from real people on their personal websites. So there's no hassle, plus the information about your product can easily be found throughout the web with just a simple word search

It's so easy to join. Just register on their site for free. For both bloggers and advertisers, it really is the easiest way to make money blogging .

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Di kayo maniniwala

A Swine Flu horror story

Let me start by saying that my cousin is studying in De La Salle University and she attended classes last May 27th to June something, ...just before classes were suspended due to the swine flu. I was always teasing her and my other friends from DLSU that they shouldn't come near me at any time cause if they sneeze, i'd give 'em the beating of their lives.

Friday afternoon, she texted me:
guys, kinonfirm ng kakilala qng clasm8 ntn
sa market1 n ung 1st confirmed case ng influenza
a s la salle ay galing dun sa foreigner clasm8 ntn.
wla lang

Wow. But then, of course i didnt mind this. She was teasing me even the day before that they had a Japanese classmate that hasn't been coming to school for 2 days. Still, I went to my cousin's home because they invited me to eat there. I gave them a value meal Mcdo treat kasi sweldo (yey!) , and suddenly someone the phone rang. My cousin's voice turned formal. After that call, she told me that this was from the D.O.H. She was asked to get some medicine from San Lazaro and that she would have to self -quarantine herself for 10 days.

(twilight zone soundtrack)

Even if she kept telling me that she's strong and doesn't feel any symptoms, im still so extremely terrified with the idea of getting THE flu. From what i heard, traditional flu shots don't work.

And today, she went to church with us. Churches are a public place so good luck churchmates!

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