Wednesday, November 6, 2013

My next life plan: get a Master's Degree

Hi everyone. It's been a while since I last wrote here.

Late last year, I have just transferred jobs which I think is a good career decision because my job right now allows me to be flexible enough to work towards higher education. I am a nursing graduate but I now work in the pharmaceutical corporate field. Also, I love the people in my new job! They're professional and friendly at the same time. I'm also a regular employee now which is great news and gives me a sense of permanency. I feel though as if I need to advance my career but I have to get at the very least, a Masters' Degree to be viable for a promotion. I've chosen to go to one prestigious university in the South. This makes me reminisce about my college days! The sleepless nights, thesis, strange professors and endless exams but I don’t regret meeting all the great people I knew in school. Come to think of it, I really miss the life of a student. But I'd really need some help with all of the assignments and paperwork since I know I'm a little bit rusty with those things. It's been five years since I last studied or graduated from college. I saw that an option in making paperwork could be through reputable essay writing companies though I haven't met anyone I know who uses these sites yet. But I've seen one website of such companies and the reviews people made are pretty good. It has been said that they are reliable, great for research and their essays are affordable. Plus I see that there's an assurance that the service is legal and a great help to would-be students like me. I'm pretty curious about their service. You may check this out by following the link. Anyway, I'm really excited (and scared as well) to enroll in MBA classes soon. Hopefully early next year when I have saved enough, I can be well on my way to get my Masters. Wish me luck!

Thanks for reading!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Midyear Life Plans that I have to make happen

Hi there, it is the middle of the year.. June 2012 and time flies by so quickly. I can't even believe it.

At work I am not so efficient these days. I want to know if there are times you are just there rewarding yourself with time in the internet that you dont deserve cause you spent hours on an email/ report that you can create in 20 minutes. Sometimes I probably am too lazy like that. But I am trying to change and overcome that.

Anyways, what are your plans this year? i've started planning in January and I think not  a lot of that is getting pushed thru because I have written my plans in a place where i could not be reminded of by anyone but myself - my diary.

So I am quickly going thru what I would like to happen this year and write in a more public platform - my blog:

1. Enroll in Multimedia Arts Classes
2. Go to Beijing and visit the Great Wall. If that can't happen, maybe next year, or go to any other Asian country instead this year. But I can't not visit the Great Wall within the next 3 years
3. Help redecorate the house
4.  Attend Institute
5. Be a regular at work
6. Learn efficient public speaking at work
7.Invest via (Thanks to the Bo Sanchez booklet) 
8.Be in an actual relationship <3

So many! Hope they all happen!!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A difficult doctor story

There is a doctor i am handling who was offended and thought that i was not amenable with his work. Let's establish here that he made a petty mistake and since he is a colleague i must tell him what is correct based on policies. But if you read my text, it was assertive but gracious, almost bordering on pleading/submissiveness.

His last text to me is manipulative, making me feel that if i am not ok with his work, just remove him as my doctor but i truly need him to be part of my roster, as in really need him. Whatever. Seriously Doc, i expected much better from you. i think i deserve a better reply than what you gave. i dont care about your education. Respect matters more to me, to everyone. In the bigger picture, we are all equals, you just studied longer than me but your license does not give you authority to manipulate people nor make me feel bad like this, like im a puny worm begging for your wonderful assistance. Freaking whatever.

Thankfully i just attended comm. training and i still replied to him that i need the corrections done, told him why i need that done because of policy (and sheer, simple logic). I stood my ground. I need to be assertive bec. I dont want to be the one breaking policies. Wanted to call him to clarify but, wait, what do we have here? you just wouldnt pick up would you? How difficult could it be to please a diva.

Clearly this does not raise my perception of doctors :( im sorry, i know of doctors who are very kind, generous and fair: two of them are my bosses. But there are really doctors i've worked with who have just lowered and scarred my perception of doctors in general. Buti sana kung tama sya. Is it because of the presumed 'higher level of education'? i sincerely would like to try to understand.

To be fair, I guess, professionals from all fields have their share of rotten tomatoes.

Sincerely, Flor

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Turn Around, Bright Eyes

Geeky flowchart of an awesome song...

This was part of a WORK LIFE BALANCE initiative in the office wherein one department sends us weekly geeky/awesome quizzes for a chance of gaining points for your department.

The question for this photo was :
The flowchart above shows the lyrical flow of Bonnie Tyler's biggest hit which topped the UK singles chart in March of 1983. Complete the flowchart by supplying and enumerating all five (5) missing phrases in the lyrics, denoted by the numbered rectangles in yellow.

Omg, I was super laughing out loud when I saw this and I heard people even singing while solving this particular (awesome) question. it's so funny when you get to hear 'em. so I hope if you have time, give me the answer as a comment. ANd as a prize, well.............., you'll be able to jog your memory, less chances of Alzheimers, and well, you'll gain extra bragging rights. hahaha.

Hope you have a good day!

Sincerely, Flor

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

P.S. You say that I’m the bad breathe but who is Dennis want to kissed?

You don't wanna mess with THE SEXIEST GIRL OF D.M.

I know luma na'to, but I find it so freakin funny :)

have a good day!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

To the Bonifacio Global City Bus Handlers

There are just not enough buses, okay!!!!??? 

i think that there is a huge problem when I don't even have to wait 5 minutes before I get to ride a bus in a disorganized bus stop like in Coastal Road/ Mia Road. However, I wait 30 (freakin) minutes and become late in an extremely, rigidly organized Bus Station like in BGC. Something's just so wrong. You have to fix it. A lot of people who have to ride your bus to go to work are all so disgruntled.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Smiling on the Left.. No MORE...

This is an update to my previous post: Smiling on the left... but... still smiling

(This is being written on March 16, 2012, for the benefit of those commenters who would like to know more about how I got over Bell's Palsy)

Hello there!
After the previous post was written, it has been more than a year now since Bell's Palsy injured/affected/attacked my facial nerve. All I can say is, I'm one of those people who are so lucky to have recovered so quickly. Within a month from the first time we went to the neurologist, almost all visible symptoms are gone. I am the only person who can recognize the non symmetric parts of my face of course since Im the one most familiar with it. I can smile normally, move my ears, nostrils but my eyes don't close easily. But I guess the smile and the eyes were the last to  go back to normal.

Okay so after the first visit to the neuro, we went for a lab test. Wherein they (inflict) electrical pulses via a prong on your face at varying degrees of (pain!). This is so they can assess the degree of damage on the facial nerve.

On (probably) day 14, we went to the neuro for a 2nd visit,. Prior to that, my mom and I massaged my face, followed the instructions to avoid salty food and did my best to avoid therapy because we knew that that would be expensive. I also bought eye drops for when the eye becomes dry because it cannot close without assistance. On this visit, the doctor gave me the test result which was quite good but still I needed to go to therapy 6 times (once weekly) and drink the medication she has given and continue with the facial exercises. There are so many if you search in google but i used this because it's very visual and step by step:

I videotaped myself while doing these exercises each day but they are so embarassing so I cannot post them. But im pretty sure that it would be helpful for those patients who are suffering from bell's palsy to be able to see their progress.

So I came to the hospital for therapy which consists of infrared heat/light being directed at your face, some facial massages (using fingertips) by the friendly therapist and also they will (inflict) some electric current like pulses via some prongs on the affected side of the face.This is the part I hate so much, because I get easily surprised and it's a little painful. It's like the nerves become tender again. Also, it's so similar to the painful lab test i got earlier, only milder and so again I become reminded of that day.. which I hate. In all fairness, the other aspects of the therapy are like a trip to the spa, hehe. Also, i truly commend University of Perpetual Help Hospital in Las Pinas because they are so advanced that they have both a NeuroScience department and a rehabilitation department. Also bec it felt like going to a spa hahaha. Anyway, they will teach you how to massage your face so you may be able to do this at home.

After the third therapy session (once weekly basis), i stopped going. My face I felt was as normal as it could be. Also an upside to all this was that there were LESS wrinkles and LESS drooping on the bell's palsy side compared to the unaffected side. Talk about free "botox".

I continued taking vitamins for a while until i also stopped i think at least 3 weeks prematurely than was recommended. I think everythin in my face is normal now and I am back to my old self... I am whole now.. I can smile!

Oh another thing, after the first visit to the neuro, I asked our bishop to give me a blessing. Also, I think this miracle of easy recovery wouldn't have happened if not for that and the prayers.


This happened in January. On March 2011, a friend came to our house borrowing the infrared light my father bought me. He also had Bell's Palsy, probably from stress because he just came back from a religious mission and I think one of the biggest progenitors was that he cannot find a job, here, now, in the real world... Stress was still the cause. Sad for him, because it took so much longer for him to recover and he lost his confidence in himself because of the disease.

So i remembered how I felt when i had it. It's true you will lose confidence, you cannot show your face or talk without looking a little weird. It is a serious disease, luckily we can recover from it. The best thing to do is to pray, show a happy disposition, have hope and faith. This will heal. I'm sharing my story for those afflicted to know about this feeling of hope. Also so that we'll know that we should always be watchful and not let our problems, stress and unhealthy sleeping habits get the best of us. We only have one body given to us. We must take care of it.

Have a good day everyone!
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