Friday, April 24, 2009


Earlier in this blog, i have said that i wanted to be a korean teacher (like it matters right) heck yes it matters, cause this is my life blog. Well anyway, to cut the long story short, my friend declined the job and so it went to me.

oh my gums, im a loser.
Nope, I'm not, ..the job is flexible, there's free wi-fi, sometimes they give me authentic korean food, and my students are old enough to hang out with.

Today, one of my students told me, "hey guess what, we gave you a nick name"
it;s pronounced Kuk Hwa (which sounds like my real nick name).
it's spelt like this.

I asked what it means.
He said " it's a flower for our funerals"

What?? of course i dont want to lie and say 'What a great name.. thanks..but no thanks.'

okay so he looked in his dictionary and Kuk Hwa actually means Chrysanthemum. So it's a nice name after all.

Monday, April 13, 2009

what will you name your future baby?

If I'd have a baby (that is in the future, cross fingers), I'd name her 'Kara' if she's a girl. It's perfect and I find it unique. I also heard my friend say she wanted to name her future baby 'Hiyas' which means gem in Filipino. Great choice! But I still haven't thought of a name for a son. I found a site that gives you a huge database of names and their meanings! is where you can find gazillions of names listed. Makes it easier for future moms out there who haven't decided. You can also add your own unique name, put a name meaning and list it under any nationality. Right now I'm contemplating on Alexander, a famous Macedonian name. So, what will you name your baby? Go ahead check their list!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

the worst daughter.

Kahapon, birthday ni mama. Before pa man mag-April (at pag yumaman na ko), ito ang mga gusto kong ibigay sa kanya

1. spa & facial gift cert (not plausible, di pa ko mayaman)
2. beads (sa Manila pa to binibili, di ako marunong magcommute don)
3. clothes (mapili sya masyado, baka hindi magustuhan)
4. fancy makeover (not plausible, baka maoffend)
5. buy her a plant (best option, ngiti hanggang tenga)

at nung sinuggest ko 'to sa sister ko, sinabi nyang wag na daw bumili ng halaman, magorder na lang daw kami ng pichi- pichi. Teka, kelan pa naging mas okay ang pichi pichi sa halaman. grabe creative namin 'no.

well, ito ang mga ginawa nya nung mismong bday na:
- nag grocery
- nagis-is ng c.r.
- naghugas ng pinggan.
- bumili ng kamatis sa tindahan para sa tacos.
yup that's right, dakilang nanay sya.

pero ako gumawa at nagslice lahat ng ingredients.

we never bought the plant, nor the pichi pichi. and i forgot to buy anything cause i remembered her bday on the eve. so i had no time. now you know why that's the title of my post.

my father who i was secretly mad at for not buying my mother a cake yesterday, secretly sent me a message to gift wrap a digicam he bought for my mother. yehey.
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